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Nazi Zombie Custom Perk Bottles

Anyone ever played Nazi Zombie? Well, to make things clearer, Nazi Zombie wasn’t a full length game meaning it didn’t have it’s own release. Nazi Zombie was part of an unlocked prize once you completed the single player campaign mode for World at War.

Nazi Zombie Perk BottleNazi Zombie Perk Bottle

However, Nazi Zombie became very popular and many gamers were buying World at War JUST to play Nazi Zombie. Since it was a great success, Nazi Zombie will appear in the next COD game!

So with that in mind I wanted to share a couple of Unofficial Nazi Zombie items from Call of Duty World At War. These are the “Perk Bottles” found in the game. If you collect enough money, you can buy certain perks, however, they come in the form of a drink. So after purchasing it, the player can see themselves chug down the bottle and toss is away. The perks range from revival, to speed, to double-tap and so fourth.

Up for auction are these two custom made perk bottles from the game. The blue bottle is the “Revival” bottle while I believe the orange one is double tap.

Click here for:
Nazi Zombie Double-Tap Perk Bottle
Nazi Zombie Revival Perk Bottle

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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