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NCAA Football 12 Limited Xbox 360, Skyrim Plush Helmet, Coca-Cola Game Gear

There are a few limited themed systems here today each from a different point in gaming history. The prices are all over the place so please be careful and make an offer where possible before jumping on the buy. Out of all of these auctions, there is one I want for myself way more than than the rest. I’ve listed it before in the past but they are still out there…

Tron Legacy Limited Clu Xbox 360 Controller – Only 250 in the world. The price is high but they are taking offers.

Sega Swiss Army Watch – I always second guess the authenticity of the face of a clock or watch. It’s very easy to open it up and put in a new face (which is done on eBay all the time), but this looks like the read deal. Not too flashy and it shows you’re a gamer.

NCAA Football 12 Xbox 360 Limited 22 – This Xbox 360 was a limited run of 22. Sports games rarely call for high value unless signed, but this package really steps up with pure rarity.

Donkey Kong Country Scooter – I’ve honestly never seen this before. There’s some damage on the back edge of the board but the starting bid is a good fit.

Skyrim Plush Helmet – This helmet which offers the least amount of head protection imaginable (lol) is getting a lot of attention. 17 bids so far but less than 24 hours left.

Ico / Wander and the Colossus Limited Box – Take a look at this. Not only is this a beautiful box for the HD remakes of Ico and Wander and the Colossus (Shadow of the Colossus), but there’s a subtle bonus. The two games have their own boxes rather than being on one disc.

Panzer Dragoon Orta Limited Xbox – This limited Xbox really catches the eye with it’s white finish. It’s priced very high because not only is this rare, but the original shipping box is included. Several offers have already been made.

Diablo III Beach Towel – Not really a “keep sealed” item unless you have a Blizzard collection going. Unfortunately if you plan to use the towel, the price doesn’t match. I suggest contacting the seller to try for a lower price.

Coca-Cola Sega Game Gear – Not only do you get this rare Coca-Cola Game Gear, but the matching game is included. These combos are often separated in time which can be disappointing.

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