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Neo Geo Titles, FFMerchandise Sale and More!

Has anyone ever had the Final Fantasy “fever”? You play a Final Fantasy game, you end up loving the story and then start searching the net for items related to that game? For me it was Final Fantasy X that did it. I was never into the series before., but I started doing a bunch of searches on the net and one site always stood out for me, The Final Fantasy Merchandise & Goods Shop. I’ve built a lot of my knowledge by visiting that site many times. I’ve sure there’s some hardcore FF collector that will say “what?? you mean you never heard of  “this” other site???” :). Well I’m not a hardcore FF collector unlike Kenji of VGA.

FFMerchandise is putting a lot of items for sale, some which are ending today to check it out! He’s even got the two Limited Edition Leon Kennedy Resident Evil shirt’s which can be found here and here. I also picked out his Final Fantasy plush where he stresses are original from Japan and made in the year 2000.  They are pretty cheap to begin with so if you’re interested you can check them out below:

Final Fantasy Cactuar Cactu Plush

Final Fantasy Mog Moogle Plush

Final Fantasy Chocobo Plush

Final Fantasy Tonberry Plush

Final Fantasy Koyokoyo Plush

Final Fantasy Oglop Plush

There’s 15 hours left on these original plushies!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Sonic the Hedgehog Hat Gamestop Preorder – This one ends soon! It’s the same concept as the scribblenauts hat. Neat collectible

Pokemon World Championships Nintendo DS Case – These cases were given to the winner of the PWC in Hawaii.

Mega Man Special Edition PlayStation Package Import – It even has the ultimate armor figure brand new!

Neo Geo Japan Import Titles AES:

Metal Slug X – 2 days 16h @ $396.24

Metal Slug 3 – 2days 16h @ $179.10

Fatal Fury Real Bout 2 – 3days 3h @ $107.00

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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