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NES Console Storage Unit, Nintendo 1991 Coffee Mug, Banjo Kazooie Plushes

Today I aimed to list only auctions at less than $100 but I included one more that goes a bit over. You’ll find some nice vintage stuff if that’s what you’re looking for here at VGA. Good luck people! 😉

Atari 2600 Entertainment Center – The seller probably should have cleared off the cobwebs before taking the pictures. 😛

Pink Capcom USA Cap – I’m guessing (hoping) by the ridiculous color that this is from the late 80’s.

Street Fighter II Ken G.I. Joe Figure Sealed – This brings back some memories. I almost had the full set back then.

Nintendo 1991 Super Mario Bros Coffee Mug – No chips or scuffs of any kind.

Black Jack Game & Watch Complete – If you’re collecting Game & Watch games complete, you have to pick up the less popular ones too. :/

NES Console Storage Unit – This would have been great if you weren’t able to keep your NES hooked up to the TV at all times. The drawers are fitted and labelled to hold the console, 2 controllers and a zapper.

Banjo Kazooie Plush – More than a few past VGA visitors were looking for this and the next plush listed.

Banjo Kazooie Mumbo Jumbo Plush – Tags still attached to this plush and the one linked above.

Super Mario Bros McDonalds Happy Meal 2006 Display – Very nice display with toys included.

Game Boy Enamel Pin – I’m not sure what the story is here. The seller seems to have a very large supply of these pins.

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