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NFL Quarterback Club ’96 Unreleased Longbox, Original Konami NES Posters and More!

Seller “myextrajunk1968” has listed 6 original Konami NES posters. He has:

Top Gun
Rush ‘N Attack
The Goonies II

They all look to be in amazing shape and the bidding is starting at $10. I’ve been trying to get my hands on the Jackal and The Goonies II poster as they are pretty hard to find now, especially in good shape. We’ll see what happens at the end but if you’re interested in checking them out click here for Complete List of Original Konami Video Game Posters.

Other Video Game Auctions:

NFL Quarterback Club ’96 (Sony PlayStation 1, 1996) UNRELEASED LONGBOX & BETA – “This auction is for another one of the rarest Longboxes that you will ever feast your eyes upon. This is NFL Quarterback Club 96 for the PlayStation. NFL QBC 96 was never released as the game ended up being never completed in time. Since Sony had been the first to release NFL Gameday and was receiving rave reviews, Acclaim decided to hold out until the next year in order to work on and improve the game mechanics.Included in this auction along with the long box is the prototype version of the game which is playable. You will need a debugging station or compatible method to play it.There is only one other NFL QGC long box in existence and that one was auctioned off years ago for charity and that one did NOT include the prototype game. This is a must own for any PS1 variant and prototype collector.”
Prototype RC PlayStation Controller – PS1 or PS2 RARE exclusively from SCEA – “Up for auction is a prototype or beta controller for the PlayStation PS1 or PS2. This controller came from the manager of SCEA 3rd party peripheral licensing. He was in charge of testing and approving all 3rd party peripherals for SCEA license. This particular controller was designed by Mad Catz and resembles an RC controller. I have never seen this released which is why I picked it up. I haven’t tested it so it’s sold as is, but appears to be in excellent condition.”

Creature Shock Special Edition RARE LONGBOX PlayStation Variant + JP Game – “This auction is for one of the rarest Longboxes that you will ever feast your eyes upon. This is Creature Shock Special Edition for the PlayStation. Creature Shock was never released in the US. The game was approved to be released and boxes were created but Data East pulled out of the video game business suddenly and sold their assets to other companies. Included in this auction along with the long box is the Japanese version of the game which is fully playable and in English (with Japanese subtitles). You will need a Japanese PlayStation to play this game or a compatible console (ie. debugging station).The long box has been protected for years when it was obtained but has a crack in the upper right tab and shows some defects on the back of the box. (appears that the cardboard was creased when it was applied with glue to the case). This is the only one known in existence and is a must own for any PS1 variant collector.According to the Data East rep I questioned, this is not a promo case as I originally thought. The inside of the case contains advertisements of upcoming Data East games (neither of which were released).Creature Shock was developed by Argonaut and Blitz Games.”
Super Mario Bros brothers Board Game Waddingtons complete
Rockman Dash MEGA MAN LEGENDS Data Monkey Plush
Club Nintendo Golden Zelda Link on Epona Twilight Princess Statue
Sonic the Hedgehog #1 * 1st RARE NM/MINT * SEGA Original * 1991 Promo Comic
Wild Gunman Black Box Nintendo NES PAL Factory Sealed Brand New
Konami Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse 1/6 Statue Gecco Preorder Japan
Luigi super mario bros rare plush doll toy w/tag 1988 acme perfect condition
Vintage Super Mario Bros Plush Raccoon Tail Ears Tanooki Stuffed Figure Doll ’90
METAL GEAR SOLID 4 Air Jacket Hideo Kojima Autograph
Sega Genesis 32X RARE SNASM2 Development Program Disks KIT! Make Your Own Game!!
Silent Hill Clock Custom made


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