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Nice PlayStation Collectibles and More!

eBay Seller psmuseum seems to be letting go some of his personal PlayStation collectibles, most of which are in AMAZING shape, and great starting price. But I’ve noticed that all of the auctions come complete with box and manuals which is a plus for collectors.

PS Flight  Force Pro

Now for you PlayStation collectors, here is a nice PS Flight Force Pro complete with box and in very good condition! “There’s two others on ebay, both without box and I assume without instructions. One is $10, the other is $59.99. These joysticks are no good unless you have the instructions because they need to be programmed and the user won’t know how“. **Thanks psm!

Now what is this FFP about? Well the seller says:”The PS Flight Force Pro is the only control system you will ever need! With FOUR specialized modes of play, there’s a perfect setting for any type of game from fast-action flight simulations to quick-reflex shooters. Smooth analog joystick control, programmable buttons for complicated combination moves, and auto-fire function give you the edge.“.

For those of you are into PS hardware/accessories you should check this auction out and some of psmuseum’s other auctions. Click here for PS Flight Force Pro Complete

Here’s a bunch of other auctions from the same seller:
Final Fantasy Anthology Official Strategy Guide – cheap so far
Final Fantasy VIII 8 Official Strategy Guide – also cheap!
PlayStation Optec COCKPIT Accessory Import
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Gift Wrap
Promo Game boxes – Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story More

Other Rare and Interesting Auctions:
Intellivision Synthesizer with Melody Blaster – “Its in the original brown colour to match the 1st Intellivision console. This item is so very rare. Especially in this colour. Of the few of these that were made, most were a white colour to match the look of the intellivision II console. The keyboard is in tested but otherwise unused condition. Brand new! To top it all off it comes in its original box that has matching serial numbers with the keyboard AND THE ONLY GAME THAT EVER CAME OUT FOR IT – MELODY BLASTER!!! This game is also terribly rare. They were going to release 2 more games but that never happened and the production of the synthesizer was ceased. The game comes with box and instruction booklet.“. Important side note…..the game is PAL version.

Dragon Quest 9 Stickers

Christmas Night’s into Dream’s Sega Saturn Magazine – Seller says:“Christmas Night’s Into Dream’s Game Very Rare!! one of the few way’s to get it was in Gaming magazine’s in Decemeber/January 1997, here is a copy of ULTRA Gamer’s magazine SEALED/NEW in the original plastic. Very Rare and great game!!! Xmas is coming soon!! get a copy of this game to play over the holiday’s while u can super rare and here is a sealed copy!!!”
Final Fight Capcom Shot Glass

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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