Custom Made Famicom 1

Nightmare Busters Super Nintendo

Nightmare Busters was suppose to be released in the US in the time of the SNES era, however it wasn’t. Originally done by a San Diego based game company, it’s now been taken over by the Super Fighter Team. This will mark the first time in 12 years since a SNES title is released which is huge news(Source: Actually this news isn’t so new but to some of you it will be so I am making the post about this. The title was actually Fan Made for the Famicom, and very well done. No it was not “officially” released in Japan. The game should be coming out sometime this year. Check out the official site: Nightmare Busters. One is currently up on eBay now for $399 or best offer.

Nightmare Busters Fan Made Famicom Cart


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  • Dan
    Aug 15, 2011

    cool i didn’t know about this. is it only made for the super famicom?

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