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Nightmare Creatures – Sealed Games and Soundtrack

Nightmare Creatures was a very short lived series from Konami. I’m not sure why it didn’t get very far because it was great horror fun. Gore, ghouls, monsters, and Rob Zombie! What was the problem??


Well, the two games will live on forever for those who liked them. Here are a few copies of the games factory sealed as well as the soundtrack for the second game:

Nightmare Creatures Sealed (N64)

Nightmare Creatures II Sealed (PS1)

Nightmare Creatures II Sealed (Dreamcast)

Nightmare Creatures II Soundtrack Sealed

There’s another auction up on eBay claiming to be selling a copy of the unreleased Nightmare Creatures 3. Please note that this game never went far in development and it’s impossible for any copy of the game to exist. You can check out this scam auction here.

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