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Nintendo 64 Development Tools, LucasFilms Game Posters, Duke Nukem King Edition

Today you’ll find a couple of auctions from one of our readers, some auctions starting at $0.99 with no reserve, and some vintage Pac-man merchandise. First up however are two development tools for the Nintendo 64. These aren’t on the top of the list for all collectors but for those who are interested, these dev tools are quite valuable…

Partner64 Nintendo 64 Development Tool

Rareware N64DEV V3 Nintendo 64 Development Tool

More for today:

Halo Art Filius de Corona Prints 1 and 2 Signed – Both signed by artists Tom Doyle and Frank Capezzuto. First bid is in at $0.99.

Duke Nukem Forever Limited King Edition – Here’s something that Jyrki let us know was up for bids. Only 1600 King Edition copies were made and this auction is for #1192. Great low starting bid.

Sega Saturn Game Lot (PAL) – One more from Jyrki. Here is a lot of 9 PAL Saturn games. Overall condition looks good.

Pac-Man Board Game Complete – Not only complete but in pretty nice shape too.

3 Vintage Pac-Man Sketch Pads – These appear to be completely untouched. The pictures don’t show if the pages are blank but I’m betting they are.

Mega Man Digital Alarm Clock – A nice little pick up. It can stick to any surface and regardless of where you stick it (even upside-down) the display stays horizontal.

Rescue on Fractulus Atari LucasFilms Game Promo Poster – First bid is still under $10.

Ball Blazer Atari LucasFilms Game Promo Poster – Whoa! I completely forgot about this game until I spotted this auction today. I played this game to death once upon a time for some reason.

Pokemon 5th Anniversary Pin – From the Pokemon Center in Tokyo back in 2001. The original bag is included.

Lot of 54 Issues of Nintendo Power – Not all in great shape but the first bid was only $0.99.

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