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Nintendo 64 Kiosk, Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Cold Cast Statue, Gears of War 3 Thrashball Cole Limited Bronze Statue

Even knowing the answer I’ll get back (or lack of any since it would be rare for this to be part of any collection), do any of you reading here at VGA own a collection of kiosks or know of anyone who does? It just seems like such an awesome thing to have. Sure, fill a long room with arcade cabinets pinball machines if you can but why not a clean and fully functioning kiosk for every console? Damn, that would be awesome. Anyway, just a random thought that came to mind while looking this over…

Nintendo 64 Kiosk – The TV isn’t included which is unfortunate since it looks like it has a dandy Nintendo 64 sticker on the front. Still a very impressive design.

Space Ace Laserdisc with Tele-Story Books – With this you could watch the game through every scene without the trial and error.

Metroid Prime Samus Aran Bobblehead – An interesting boxed bobblehead due to the success of the Metroid Prime series. Otherwise just a nice pick up for Metroid fans.

Gears of War 3 Thrashball Cole Limited Bronze Statue – I can expect this statue (which was limited to only 100) to be available on eBay off and on but I’m still a little amazed that there aren’t 100 hardcore Gears of War fans out there that simply must have one of these and will never sell it. Less than 100 people? Really?

Dr. Pepper Majora’s Mask Promo Promo Prize T-Shirt – This was a prize give-away through Dr. Pepper for Majora’s Mask. Nice condition too.

Xbox 360 Wired Scuf Gaming Controller – This pro-controller is getting a fair amount of attention.

StarFox Pin – We’ve listed this pin on VGA before (or another like it). Worth $10? Sure… it’s StarFox. 😛

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Keychain – The keychain actually measures 3 inches long. Very well done too.

Metroid Prime Sunglasses – Not much to say here but I’ve seen these priced in the hundreds before I think… and not sell of course.

Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth Cold Cast Statue – Another fine statue from Kotobukiya.

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