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Nintendo 64 Portable Handheld Console

Here’s a real cool auction. Seller derekman007 is letting go of his ultra cool Nintendo 64 Portable Handheld Console. I’ve seen a few of these custom made handhelds on eBay and just the thought of going anywhere and being able to play original N64 games is crazy! The system will be a little bulky but I think that it’s got that Nintendo 64 charm with the colors.

Seller says:

“Plays original Nintendo 64 cartridges!The system comes with a custom made wall power adapter, a custom made wall/car charger for the built-in rechargeable batteries and instructions on how to use them.The system was made from a Flame retardant ABS plastic electronic box (model ZN-45) from Please note: This is a homemade item and is in no way comparable to “retail” quality like Nintendo would sell. I have tried to make the portable as sturdy as possible.¬†With that being said, delicate care should be used while playing this system. This means do not drop the system or slam it against a surface.The system was not designed to be opened and therefore I sealed it with a little epoxy to make the unit more sturdy.”

The features are:

  • 3.5″ Screen
  • Playstation 1 Joystick to replace Nintendo 64 Joystick
  • Speakers with a volume control knob
  • A yellow directional pad to replace the c-buttons for the Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo 64 Expansion Pack for better graphics
  • Green Power LED
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries (~4.5 hours battery life)
  • Wall power jack
  • 40mm Fan for cooling the system
  • Headphone jack
I’ve only stumbled upon this auction late and there’s about 17 hours left till auctions close. Hopefully any of you who are interested will still be able to place a couple of bids on this beaut. Here’s a video that the seller put up on YouTube:

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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