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Nintendo 64 Wayne Gretzky Hockey Jersey Promo

Being from Canada it is only appropriate for me to do a post on this super rad N64 Gretzky Hockey Jersey. For all you international readers who never heard of Gretzky before(trust me, there’s always that one person)he’s basically the Pelé for Hockey….. 😆

You don’t even have to like hockey to find this Jersey cool. One of the best punch lines that any video game company has come out with was “Get N Or Get Out!, which is what’s written on the back of the jersey.

For those of you who were into the sports game, this promo jersey is from Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey which was released in 1998, which of course was the same year that the Winter Olympics were in Nagano (my fav W.O). I mention that because the Nagano Olympics logo is also printed on this jersey. Although the seller doesn’t mention where they got this jersey from, it’s probably some giveaway that one of the game stores at the time of the Olympics to promote the game. Wayne Greyzky’s 3D Hockey was awesome during it’s time. My friends I had many great memories with this game, it was always about the tourney’s after school and there were so many epic battles!

I did a quick search for this jersey in Google and to my surprise I couldn’t find anyone else that owns this. It’s quite unique and it is official, so for anyone who had as much fun as I did with this game you can see this jersey on auction:

eBay Auction here

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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