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Nintendo – A Blast from the Past

The Nintendo Entertainment System, where dreams become reality, where stories leave you with fantasies.  So much can be said about a small little console that originated from Japan, the Famicom(Japanese). The North American birth of the NES was Oct 18, 1985 and made it’s debut in New York City. For many this is where it all started, for others it was Atari and so on. It’s hard to imagine starting off gaming with a “Game Cube” or “Playstation 3”. For those who were lucky enough to be born in what I call the “Gaming Generation” can appreciate every console with every gain in technology. Now there was a whole gaming history prior to the NES  but I’m focusing on just the NES itself, besides, the NES had it all, great graphics, great music, great titles and of course great stories. One site that I enjoy surfing is simply because Mike, the creator, has put together an NES Empire of nostaliga which no site can compete with. There’s tons of content on the site, you can basically spend hours alone on there. Check it out!

Another site which I find just awesome is VirtualNES. This is a site that allows you to play classic Nintendo Games and imported games for free online. How cool is that? It might not have every copy as they’re only allowed to put up games that they have a cartridge for(legal reasons people). Never the less it worth checking out.

Whenever I have free time I enjoy the occasional online game created by fans or game designers. Two great sites I like to play on are Game Ninja and Round Games. They have fun custom mario games, great shooter games and a whole lot of other original titles. Whether your at school or at the office, you need to check these sites out.

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