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Nintendo and Sega Store Displays, Contra III Puzzle, Custom Display and a Auction

You’ll find a good portion of today’s auctions are for store displays and signs but the first auction listed is something a major Nintendo collector simply must have (especially if you own a great deal of sealed games… and don’t mind hanging them). It’s the kind of thing that people say “holy crap!” to when seeing it all set up the first time…

World of Nintendo Wall Display Cabinet

World of Nintendo Wall Display Cabinet

Next up are two different sellers selling the same quality metal Sega sign. One is going by a buy it now price while the other is selling to the highest bidder. Something worth watching if you’re a Sega collector.

Metal Sega Sign (Buy it Now)

Metal Sega Sign (Auction)

A few more store displays:

Super Nintendo Hanging Panel Store Display

Sega Genesis Game Counter Tray Display

Nintendo DS Kiosk Mount

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS Standee Sealed

Here are a couple of Contra items that caught my eye:

Contra 8-bit Custom Display – A custom 3D display from the impossible to forget first stage of Contra for the NES. Put it together yourself but take your time to get the pictured result.

Contra III Promo Puzzle (JP) – This is a promo puzzle from Japan for Contra III. The puzzle is assembled but it comes sealed this way.

Something I’ve seen before but not at this value:

Super Mario Bros and Friends Pin Display (36 Pins) – These pins often sell in groups of 3 or 6; sometimes with the display board. This auction is not only for the display but all 36 pins on it as well.

One more for today but this auction can be found at a dandy lil site called  Paul gave us the heads up to this auction for a loose Bonk’s Adventure NES cart. Thanks Paul!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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