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Nintendo Apron, Final Fantasy, Zelda and Super Mario Comics

Good morning VGA readers. I have some pretty unique Final Fantasy collectibles as well as two Comics of Super Mario and Zelda submitted by our friend David (Thanks buddy!). Let’sget started:

Video Game Auctions:

Final Fantasy Chrome Wooden Box – This one is broken and it’s selling for $250? I have to dedicate a post every week to auctions I find that have so much potential but fail because either it’s broken, or missing something. I think I’ll call it “Oh that sucks”.

Nintendo Sales Apron – This is pretty cool, with a little Super Mario World Patch. It’s starting cheap.

Final Fantasy VII Display – These are cool, the North American version of the promo. It’s a mini standee with the sword popping out in 3D.

Final Fantasy VIII Seifer – Odin Kotobukiya – Nice auction, only at $12 bucks. Excellent condition and the serial number is #14!!.

Uki Uki Chocobo Rubber Duck – This is surprisingly going high, it’s already at $26??

Final Fantasy X Sealed – This is obviously the black label or else I wouldn’t feature it 🙂

Legend Of Zelda a Link to the Past Comic  – I gotta get this.

Super Mario Adventures Comic – Same as above.

Legend of Zelda 1988 Maze Game – Comes new and in super shape!

Original Zelda Pins – Nice set

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • David
    Mar 08, 2011

    Thanks for pimping me!

    I’m going to list 6 more video game related auctions tonight around 6 p.m. my time (Pacific).

    Be ready for them! They might knock your socks off! LOL!

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