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Nintendo Disk System Competition Prizes, Massive Game & Watch Collection, and more

If there are any Nintendo collectors out there with enough cash to make some serious buys today, we have a couple of auctions for you. Don’t worry if you don’t have thousands to burn however; there are some affordable items listed as well. In fact, there are a couple of sellers linked directly whose listings I feel are worth browsing through.

First up is a set of thee of the four Nintendo Disk System competition prizes. For those who may not be familiar with the competitions in Japan during the late 80’s, gamers would use a fax system to send their high scores to Nintendo to qualify for the prizes. Each prize was mailed to the winners in yellow Diskun shaped cases (originally inside white prize boxes which aren’t included in the auction below). There were four different prizes (fifth was cancelled) and this auction is for three of them…

Nintendo Disk Prize set

3 of 4 Nintendo Disk System Prizes – Included is the gold Golf disk, Super Mario Bros Game & Watch, and the stationary set. The only one missing is the gold Punch Out cart.

Street Fighter IV Launch Party Poster – Note this was listed as a “Super” Street Fighter IV launch party poster but is actually from the original SFIV launch. Nice poster with a decent price. (auction submitted by PJ)

Boxed Nintendo Game & Watch Collection – This is the most expensive auction I’ve listed in quite a while. The price comes from the fact that you get so many great items all in their original boxes all at once. The seller is not selling them individually, so you can wait until they maybe change their mind or… buy big. (auction submitted by Romain V.)

Famitsu 500th Edition Game Boy Light (Ltd 5000) – Still sealed in it’s shabby looking blister pack, this limited Game Boy is #4185 of 5000. Well, “sealed” is maybe pushing it because I believe the card on these can be removed without ripping anything.

The first seller I would like to mention is sample_seller who is selling items such as a Gran Turismo 5 Press Kit and a Mario and Sonic Olympic Winter Games Snowboard. You can check out all of their stuff here.

Next seller up is purplebzmonster who is selling some nice stuff such as a Mega Man 9 Press Kit (sealed) and a Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Prototype Cart (SMS). Their complete listing can be found here.

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