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Nintendo Fan Club Membership Card,Majoras Mask Limted Edition Adventure Set and More

One of the coolest Legend of Zelda collectibles is the Majoras Mask Limited Edition Adventure Set. This exclusive PAL set was limited to 1000 and the seller has number 589 up on auction. Although the package has some wear and tear, it’s nothing major to discourage you from bidding. You get everything; gold cart, 2 CD soundtrack, Badge of Braveness and Eternal Power Badge, Mysterious Wallpaper Poster, stickers, T-shirt, Mystic Clocktown watch… *catches breath*…. aaannnddd…. the most important thing of all, the Certificate of Authenticity! Seller was nice enough to post a lot of pictures to satisfy.

The bid is current at $489.08 with 7 hours left!!

Other Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Fan Club Membership Card – Don’t know if this card’s from the late 80’s or early 90’s, but it’s a great piece for anyone who’s into vintage Nintendo stuff, especially if you’ve never had the chance to join the club when you were younger. But, you’ll need to come to terms that your new name will be Michael Tripp.  I like the fact that the card is unpunched with original Nintendo letter. That alone should be worth an offer or two.
Fossilized PACMAN Custom Wall Art – I really like this art piece. Very original and intriguing. Just imagine guests coming over to your house and coming to a complete halt in front of this painting with their mouths dropped.
Xbox 360 Dev kit XDK Development Kit Xenon JTAG – Seller says: “An Xbox Development Kit, XDK, Dev Kit, is being sold here, and it is one of a kind. This one in particular is a Xenon Prototype, with all of the prototype stickers on the original case. It has a total of 6 internal LEDs, 2 blue, 4 yellow. It also has an inverted ring of light, meaning when it is functioning, it displays red lights. Xenon Devkits, and especially Xenon Prototypes, are becoming increasingly rare, and in result, increasingly valuable. I am selling the console and hard drive only, no cords or controllers”
Intellivision POWER HE-MAN Heman Box Color Variation SE – Just finding one of these sealed is hard, but having both variants sealed is quite impressive. Bid’s currently at $145.50 with 1 day left.

Mega Man 9 Press Kits:
Opened – $149.99
Sealed – $136.39

These are popping up more often than not and it currently at $610.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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