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Nintendo iQue, Dreamcast Promo Disc Collection, Wireless SMS Controller, MGS2 Making of DVD

Anyone ever heard of the Nintendo iQue? At first glance it make look like one of those plug & play multi-game pirate systems, but this is actually a system officially licenced by Nintendo and was released only in China.

Nintendo iQue Box

The iQue was Nintendo’s attempt to crack China’s overwhelming pirate market by making a compact system that uses digital downloads for the games. It’s a Nintendo 64 system inside a beautifully designed controller that you plug into your TV to start up and play from a selection of games. There’s a cartridge in the bottom of the system that can be removed and plugged into a download station to buy games much like the NES Disk System. There weren’t very many of these systems made in comparison other Nintendo systems and it’s fairly rare. The one on eBay right now is has the basic Dr. Mario 64 and demos in the cart but the seller can add games for a price. A fully loaded iQue would be awesome.

Nintendo iQue Complete

Here are a few more items of interest:

97 Dreamcast White Label Promo Discs – These promo discs are very sought after by Sega collectors and this is the biggest lot I’ve seen. It’s been up on eBay for a while now and the price is high, but the seller is taking offers.

Sega Master System Wireless Controller – Sega was ahead of their time here. Today’s consoles are all wireless and Sega saw the need way back in the Master System days.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Making of DVD Promo– I would love to see this. I remember reading an article while MGS2 was still in development and Hideo Kojima said that he would use up 2 highlighters every day by highlighting fixes needed in the game. He truly cares about the gamer’s experience and this DVD is a window into his process.

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