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Nintendo Love Tester 1969 Sealed!,Nintendo Memorabilia Auctions and More!

After stumbling upon seller 8bitthumbs’s auctions I was overwhelmed with all of the Super Mario Bros. Memorabilia Items he currently has up! He has board games, watches, puzzles, toys, accessories, and more! I already fell in love with some items(I won’t say which ones 😉 ) and will definitely be bidding on some of these. Considering that most of the items are from the 80’s, and that they are all complete/good condition I would say the prices are fair.

Click here for 8bitthumbs List of Nintendo Memorabilia

Other Video Game Auctions:

Nintendo Love Tester 1969 Vintage Electronic Toy “Gunpei Yokoi” – I don’t believe I’ve ever stumbled upon a brand new “Love Tester” before. If you didn’t know, Nintendo wasn’t always a video game company. Before the Famicom/NEs, Nintendo was a playing-cards company and then moved into the “toy” industry. I’ve actually seen the Love Tester in person for one of my old employers who spent $500 just on an opened one. Your suppose to hold one end of the tester while your significant other holds the other side and the machine is suppose to tell you if you are compatible! How cool is that? This auction just got listed about an hour ago. It will be interesting how much this sells for.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Original Painting – it’s always interesting to see artists paint something in relation to video games. I like the colors on this painting. (No this isn’t official).
Nintendo Employee Vest – Seller says: “This is for a Rare Nintendo demonstrator Vest from the early-mid 90’s featuring the Virtual boy system. Vest has “Ask Me About” then names the top 3 Nintendo band systems at the time Super Nintendo, Virtual Boy, and Gameboy. Don’t miss your chance to own a rare item from Nintendo’s past thanks for looking and even bigger thanks for bidding take care. It is one-size fits most so enjoy!”
Nintendo Gamecube Inflatable Chair – I’ve been meaning to get one of these. Start price is only $1.
Nintendo Memorabilia – NES Mario Suitcase, Vintage 1988 – I can imagine how cool you would have been back in the 80’s going on vaction with this thing. I mean now you would just get a couple of raised eyebrows and those 1 or 2 “Yo cool suitcase maann” from the older gamer *lol*. Seller says it’s from 1988. I honestly don’t think anything is as cool as Mario jumping out of your television screen while you’re playing the NES. I always loved this artwork.

Gold Punch-Out!! Famicom – Starting price is $399
The Darkness II Darkling Statue Limited to 1800

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • Kelly
    Jul 02, 2017

    Hi there how much is the darkling please .
    Thank you Kelly.

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