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Nintendo M82 Unit, Hot Toys Jill Valentine, Rare DS

Good morning VGA readers. I have some cool video game auctions to show you so get your watchlist ready:

Hot Toys Biohazard Resident Evil Jill Valentine Battle – A Chance to pre-order this statue by Hot Toys. It’s the 1/6th scale model of Jill in her battle suit. Pretty coolif you ask me.

Legend of Zelda Bowl Dish Plate – Much cheaper than the one I featured before. This one is at $49 bucks only for both.

Earthbound 2 NES – This isn’t official, in fact you can get it at for half the price including shipping.

Nintendo M82 Demo – This monster unit still demands a high price. If you’re in Canada or the U.S and want this expect to pay a high shipping price as it’s located in Sweden,

n64 Console color lot – Nice diverse set of colors for the n64 console. He/she even has the gold Zelda edition console.

Nintendo DS Hot Summer Donkey Version – In summer of 2005 in Japan Club Nintendo held a contest for it’s members exclusively. Only 200 were ever made.

Original Nintendo Controller – A regular Nintendo Controller for $500 or Buy it Now at $1000. Choose wisely….

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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