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Nintendo NES Custom Bed Set

eBay seller systembedding has quite the following. The seller’s custom NES bed set has become very popular and you can see the type of response they are getting here.

Many viewers from the instructables website instantly fell in love with this creation and have inquired about purchasing the set. Because of the high interest, the seller decided to create another set and put it up for auction. The  NES bed set can be found on eBay: auction here.

It’s quite the story on how the seller created this bed set, it’s pretty expensive to make:

“It has certainly been a journey. Even after making the whole set once, the second set took just as long in terms of hours of work (about 20 in total). The materials we chose, while beautiful, are very difficult to work with on this scale. The base of the comforter is lightweight polyester, enhanced with hand-sewn additions of microfiber suede. Every letter is hand-cut and attached to the bed, bed skirt, and pillows. We took special care in making sure that the opposite side of the comforter is unmarked, making the set totally reversible. The comforter reverses to plain black, the pillows can be flipped to a plain gray side, and even the black stripe on the bed skirt can be flipped up. Only the buttons on the bed skirt may reveal the secret! The bedding set also comes with two plain, standard-sized pillow shams in the same material as the comforter, also reversible. The game controller pillows are microfiber suede with 100% cotton backing.

Any gamer can appreciate the hard work put into creating this unique bed set. I have a feeling if the auction is successful, there could be more in the works but don’t quote me on that ;), however, the seller stresses that they will not be using the same fabrics to create any future bed sets, which is why the price is high because you’re not just paying for the work, you’re paying the the quality fabrics that were used as well so this set will last for a looong time!

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