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Nintendo Power 20th Anniversary Miyamoto Shirt

After reading’s Kenji’s post yesterday on Video Game T-Shirts, I was wondering if there are any t-shirts out there that are actually valuable; as in they will carry value throughout the years.

Miyamoto ShirtMiyamoto Shirt

Surprisingly enough there’s a Nintendo Power 20th Anniversary Miyamoto Shirt right now on eBay! I’ve never seen this item before and supposedly it was only handed out to Nintendo employees only, which makes this quit the rare piece.

Seller says: “You are bidding on a SEALED, never opened Nintendo Power 20th Anniversary Commemorative T-shirt printed with Miyamoto’s artwork and Autograph. Only a few were ever handed out to Nintendo employees and this is the hardest Nintendo collectible to obtain other than the games themselves. I am in dire need of some money to pay the rent and I am forced to sell some of my biggest collectibles! Bag has never been opened, shirt is BRAND NEW, size XL from a non-smoking home.

What makes this shirt more desirable is the fact that Miyamoto had something to do with the finish product. Although it’s just a “printed” signature, I haven’t seen many ‘official’ shirts with his name on it. The fact that this shirt is brand new on top of all the coolness makes me curious what the final bid will be.

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Good Luck!

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