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Looks like today we have a bizarre item. I say it’s bizarre because of the price lol, but it’s actually a pretty cool piece. Someone managed to find some old Super Mario Nintendo Power shoes from when they were a kid.

Yup, the velcro, art fading, dirty insoles with a little red over the words “Super Mario” leaves this item to be quite the site for gamers who grew up the the 80’s/90’s.

Maybe not so much towards the late 90’s, but say you had these pairs back in 1991 and you were walking to school with them you felt like YOU WERE KING. Have beef on the playground with Billy? No problem! Fellow grade schoolers would come to your aid because you were “known” as the Nintendo Shoe Kid. You were super cool and had instint fame. I remember one of my friends had a Mario school bag. EVERYONE wanted to know him after because it was so cool back then. Who knows, maybe now Super Mario is replaced by Pokemon in the playground. But all I know is that the power was so great back then if you had anything nintendo (hence Nintendo Power baby).

On top of that, not much written in the description of the seller. Just a typical one liner with a high price tag.

Click here for Super Mario Nintendo Power shoes

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Good luck!

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