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Nintendo Powerplay Saturday Necklace

Up for sale is a Nintendo Powerplay Saturday Necklace. This item was the grand prize given to the winner of the EB/Gamestop Saturday tournament. Some of you might be asking what is this?

Nintendo Powerplay Saturday NecklaceNintendo Powerplay Saturday Necklace

Well, Nintendo Powerplay Saturdays were three events held at various EB and Gamestop retail stores around the U.S. They were held on September, 9th, October 7th and October, 28th 2006 to be exact. These events consisted of tournaments with different Nintendo games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Mario Kart DS.

The tournament prizes consisted of two different t-shirts, and a official Nintendo necklace. The shirts were runner up prizes, one being a green, baseball styled tee, and the other was a regular black t-shirt with the Powerplay Saturdays logo on it(which do not pop up on eBay much). The necklace was cast of a shiny silver metal, made to be thick and heavy. The charm made to be a crown was embellished with diamond like stones, with the words “Nintendo Champion” inscribed on the front. The necklace also included an official Nintendo tin with foam insert to store or display

Now there’s a lot of talk about this item being VERY RARE. Sure some might speculate the rareness of this item, however, the last three times it’s been on eBay it only sold for $30. This was during a “regular” auction with no buy-it-now.

This auction that I am featuring has a CHEAP buy-it-now, so if I were you I’d jump on it. This item can be a valuable collectible in the future….

Auction here for Nintendo Powerplay Staurday Championship Necklace

Nintendo Powerplay Saturday Necklace

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