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Nintendo Prize Collection Items – Figures & Watches

There are several different Nintendo Prize Collection series out there and the series’ items are all top quality as you would expect from Nintendo. These series are made for the Nintendo collectors in the world and collecting all of the items from each series would be quite a challenge. If any Nintendo fans out there are up for the task or are perhaps already collecting these items, here a a few from series 4 and 5.

These beautifully boxed watches are each themed to various Nintendo hardware history. Actually wearing one of these would be a bold choice to say the least lol. But, with great displayable packaging like this, they would probably be better off left sealed in the box and set along-side other collectibles! Buyer’s choice 😉


Next up is a large chunk of the Super Mario Characters Figure Collection 3 from the 5th Prize Collection series! These affordable figures are very well done in both design and paint job. Even though the figures in the auctions listed below are all sealed in their original packaging, they are easily opened without causing any damage because they are held closed by staples. If you’ve already started collecting these, maybe you’ll find a couple here that you’re missing and if you want to start; why not get them all? lol

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  • Riku
    Dec 04, 2010

    Collecting becomes very expensive when you’re in a situation collecting accessories such as watches. I would buy two sets like this, one to display and one to actually wear *lol*. This becomes expensive…

  • Brett Martin
    Dec 05, 2010

    Those bagged Nintendo figures are fake! Bowser is a known fake sculpt and Wario was never bagged. He only came in a blister.

  • Riku
    Dec 05, 2010

    Nice call Brett. I have no prior knowledge to this set, and after taking a look at those auctions I even had trouble telling if they were fake or not. I wonder if the seller even knows that they are fake 🙂

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