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Nintendo Seal of Quality Decals, Atari XE Video Game System Complete, MYST Island Coffee Mug

Let’s open things today with some auctions submitted by some VGA readers. Always amazing to see what you guys find…

The first 3 are from Karl. Some very nice BioShock and Fallout auctions.

BioShock Fink Theatre 15th Anniversary Litho Signed – The print was limited to 300 but a select 50 were actually signed.

Fallout 3 Survival Edition Xbox 360 – Highly sought after with the rise of Bethesda. Not sealed but complete.

Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel Collector’s Edition – Interesting find here. Overlooked due to DLC, this package is sure to rise in value.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Special Limited DVD Box – From the Yakuza series, here’s an auction spotted by Fr4nz.

Some more for today… be sure to wash the boxers, buyer. 😉

Call of Duty Boxers

The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants The First Ten Years Book

Atari XE Video Game System Complete with 6 Games – The box is in fair condition but inside; everything is as it should be.

Nintendo Seal of Quality Decals – Fake? I’m not convinced. Thinking these are genuine.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Poster Signed by Infinity Ward Team – Only 60 signed and released. This is #14

MYST Island Coffee Mug – Only early PC gamers can truly appreciate this… or has MYST really carried to a new generation? Would love to see a new game!

Vintage Rubber Pac-Man Figure – Anyone ever get hit in the head by one of these when they were a kid? It really @#$%’in’ hurts… (lol)

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