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Nintendo, Sega, Dreamcast Game Boy and Xbox 360 Store Displays!

I am really impressed with the selection eBay seller ubben52 has in video game store displays. He’s auctioning off a bunch of kiosks, display cabinets and arcades.

If there’s something that really catches my eye when searching for auctions, it’s old school display cabinets from Nintendo. I really took notice when I saw how beautiful your collection could look  like inside of of these displays over at VideoGameMM. The picture you see belongs to Nightram, webmaster over there. He actually did something rather clever and keep all his most valuable items inside(and on top) of the cabinet. It’s a great idea because the cabinet itself is very strong and reliable. This is essentially what I am aiming for. Of course, if you have kids make sure they don’t go running around the cabinet ;).

Although seller, ubben52 doesn’t have the World of Nintendo cabinet sale, he still has a nice Sega Cabinet that would be just as fitting. In my opinion, some of the prices are fair since all of them have a “best-offer” option. Anyone living near the seller in Iowa should take a serious look at what he has. Also take a close look at his pictures because you see other display cabinets in his collection that he’s not selling. Man, what a basement! Now this is what I call a man cave!

Video Game Store Display Auctions:
Super Nintendo Store Kiosk – $2000 or Best-Offer
Awesome Nintendo N64 Kiosk Big Display – $750 or Best-Offer
Sega Dreamcast Store Display Kiosk – $750 of Best-Offer
Pokemon N64 Store Display Kiosk – $400 or Best-Offer. The seller didn’t upload the picture, but you can see the Pokemon Kiosk in the Super Nintendo Kiosk auction’s first picture.
Pro Play Home Nintendo Arcade – $1000 of Best-Offer. This arcade is signed by:
Jack Gale Karate Champ
Isaiah “TriForce” Johnson (Modern Arcade Champ – Founder of Empire Arcadia)
Morningdove Mahoney (Frostbite Freddie World Champion)
Tim McVey (Honored in 1st “Civic Day” for a Gamer)
Billy Mitchell (Player of the century)
Todd Rogers (History’s 1st Pro Gamer)
Steve Sanders (Historical Icon in LIFE Magazine and That’s Incredible)
Tony Temple (Missile Command Champion from England)
Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel (History’s Most Successful Gamer)
Pete Bates (Noted Arcade Competitor from England)

Blasteroids Arcade Game by Atari – $450 of Best-Offer
Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 Kiosk – $1000 or Best-Offer
Game Boy Display Cabinet – $500 or Best-Offer
Sega Store Display Cabinet – $500 of Best-Offer

Where the hell did he get all of this stuff??

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