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Nintendo Super Mario RPG World Map Custom Figure One of a Kind SNES

This has to be hands down one of the coolest custom creations for Super Mario.

IT’s a FREAKING model world map from Super Mario RPG?

How amazingly cool is that??

I can’t imagine how many hours was put into this model. The drive, the motivation, the love and details in this model.

I have to admit I’m incredibly impressed. Like jaw-dropping impressed. The asking price is WAY worth the time and effort into creating this piece.

Straight from the lion’s mouth:

I am regretfully putting up for sale a one of a kind, only one in the world piece of collecting fan art/memorabilia. This is a custom made Mario rpg world map figure. As you can see the detail work on it is impeccable. I am going through the process of a move and need to clear up some space so I am going to garner interest on this piece. It would make a great center piece to any Mario rpg fans collection! Great for display, definite conversation piece, and you’ll never find another like it.  I also have a full set of rpg keychains I am debating selling as they are the centerpiece of my collection.  Be sure to take a look at all my other video game collectibles for sale!  Measured it. 6″ X 8″ so less than a foot each way. And the tallest aspect is 4″ which is the nimbus land portion.  which I think adds to how amazing this was sculpted. To have THAT detail in such a small scale is incredible to me hence the high price tag. Took many, many, many hours of scrupulous detailed sculpting to make.

*Disclaimer*: this item is merely fanart. It is not a licensed Nintendo product and I don’t claim it to be. All credit goes to Nintendo and square Enix for their wonderful creation :)))

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Good luck!

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