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Want the Nintendo Switch? This is How You Get One…

Nintendo Switch Buy Now March

Nintendo Switch’s big day is around the corner, March 3rd. As many of my followers are aware, when a new generation console is released I do whatever it takes to get my hands on 3 orders. My first to consoles are at release date. I open and play with one and the other remains boxed and sealed never to be opened, well unless my kids decide to open it one day when I am no longer around. The 3rd purchase comes when the second generation is released. So typically, 8-14 months after the original was released.

Nintendo Switch Buy it Now

How to get the Nintendo Switch without any headaches.

Pre-orders were sold within 24hours. I was burned at my local BestBuy because my contact no longer works there and I had go through the same protocol as everyone else. No thanks. I know exactly what broken promises and being left out feels like. I looked at the next alternative. Ebay and Amazon. After 24hours of eyeballing auctions I jumped in and purchased two consoles.

Yes, I will need to wait 3-5 days to get it, however I no longer need to scramble running from EbGames to BestBuy to Costco to try and find out when the next “batch” is coming in. I am going to finally sit back this time around and have it delivered to me. No more running around. I paid a little more then retail but I think it’s worth it. We are all dying to finally power this baby on and take it to the next level.

Nintendo Switch Where to Buy One

I will be posting a new write up of the Switch with my review and my first impressions in late March.

If you are interested in buying the Nintendo Switch and have not had time to pre-order I will post the top trusted sellers on both auctions. Snag em up before they all sell out. We are 10 days away.

Check Ebay for Nintendo Switch Consoles (they are selling pretty cheap on regular and buy-it=now auctions).

Check Amazon for Nintendo Switch Sellers who are trusted (it’s a bit of a longer wait, but you save on shipping).

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