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Nintendo Toys, Beach Towels, and the Okami Buddha Board

Dipping once again into the giant pool of Nintendo merchandise, we have more than a few cool items listed. Beyond that however, there is a promo unlike any other up for grabs. With many games from the big developers out there, pre-orders can bring in some very interesting collectibles…

Okami Buddha Board – This was an offer for pre-ordering the game. It’s actually pretty cool. It may remind you of some toys from the 80’s which had the same effect. When you brush water across the surface, it shows as grey ink. When the water dries however, everything goes blank. The brush included can help to create some cool images.

Super Mario Bros Plush – Here’s a very early item still in it’s original packaging. There can’t be that many of these left in this condition.

Sealed Nintendo Wind Up Toys – I’ve seen these call for big prices each loose (and never sell) but this auction for three are all still sealed in their blister packs. Still high… I suggest waiting it out and offering $90-$120 for the three after closing.

Super Mario Bros 3 Plush – The seller has a good reputation, but this at first glance appears fake. All the signs of a fake are there but the quality is above average. Anyone have more info to offer?

Uncharted 3 T-Shirt – Priced only for a serious fan who missed out on this nice t-shirt.

Acclaim Wireless NES Controller – I wished I had this back in the day. Even so, it can still serve it’s purpose today for those who have held on to their NES.

Super Mario Bros Beach Towel – Having a gaming towel really meant something at the local pool or beach in the 80’s. You couldn’t go wrong.

Super Mario Bros Beach Towel – Only Mario is shown on this one and it’s priced lower, but I feel it’s the better of the two.

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