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Nintendo – Trading Cards, Best-of Nintendo Comic System, Music Notes, and Ultrascope

¬†Nintendo has a near endless world of collectibles, but today I set out to find a few lesser known Nintendo items. I’m happy with my findings and I’m sure they will raise a few eyebrows out there. I mean, honestly, who has ever seen this first item…

Nintendo Ultrascope

Nintendo Ultrascope 1971 – Here’s a product from Nintendo that is a decade older than the original Donkey Kong! Basically it’s a set of mirrors that help you to look over walls. Useing this can enable you to spy at people without them seeing you! They will however see a mirror peeking over a wall lol…

Best of Nintendo Comic System

The Best of Nintendo Comic Series Hard Cover – This Nintendo comic series from Valiant comics was cool in it’s way. Reading one comic at a time is fun, but this book is a far better experience because it’s full of a varity of Nintendo worlds and characters! One moment you’re reading a Mario comic, then 5 minutes later Link is fighting Ganon… awesome.

Super Mario Series Music Notes

Super Mario Series Music Notes – Do you know how to play the piano? How about an Electone? Well either way, you may want this set of music notes. With some practice you will be able to play accurate Mario themes whenever you want. That would be an impressive skill.

Boxed Nintendo Cards

1989 O-Pee-Chee Nintendo Game Packs Trading Card Box – This sealed box contains O-Poo-Chee’s series 2 of Nintendo trading cards. The box is a bit worn and has what looks like an oil stain on the back. If you already have an impressive Nintendo collection but don’t have this, why not pick it up?

And now the Super Mario Bros theme on an Electone!

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