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Nintendo Trophy Figures – Super Mario Bros Full Set, Gibdo Attacks Link, and Mario Blooper Box

In the 80’s, Hasbro began making what they called Nintendo Trophy Figures. The idea was that rather than keep your high scores on a scrap of paper in a drawer somewhere, you could use these trophy figures to display your high scores with a 4″ figure holding a score card which you could personalize. The first set was a set of 6 Super Mario figures. These figures are quite rare and is often difficult to find them all on eBay, but there’s always one or two to be found. Luckily, there is an auction on eBay right now that has the full original Super Mario set!

Super Mario Bros Trophy Figure Full Set

Super Mario Bros Trophy Figures Full Set – This is a great chance to grab up the full set at a decent price. Individually, these figures go for $20-$40 and finding them all can take time. At the price this auction is set at, you would be paying $30 for each. It’s really not bad.

There are a couple more auctions out there for trophy figures:

Gibdo Attacks Link – After the Mario series, there was a Legend of Zelda series. Once again there were 6 figures in the set. These figures are much more difficult to find. This auction includes the original box, but it has been opened.

Super Mario Bros Trophy Figure “Blooper Box” – In the depths of the Nintendo collector world, this mismatched figure to box is sometimes talked about. It’s often called a “misprint” but that’s not the case. The figure “a Blooper Chases Mario” exists, but the figure “Mario Runs from Bullet Bill” was accidentally sealed in the Blooper box. You can imagine an assembly line worker mixing those two titles up for a full day and accidentally creating a random rare collectible. True, this can be faked, but the seller here has a good rep. This box is factory sealed.

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