Capcom Chrono Cross Collections Factory Sealed Final Fantasy Game Boy Japan Import Merchandise Plush Posters Signed The Legend Of Zelda

Nintendo World Championships 1990 Grey Cart, Legend of Zelda Goddess of Wisdom, Final Fantasy III Sealed and More!

Good morning VGA readers. I just saw a Nintendo World Championship Grey Cart and it’s currently going for $5000+.  I wonder how it it’s going to go. I thought the demand was dropping and prices would be under $5k but I was wrong. Also the kami plush submitted by Dragoony went for $900+, that’s insane. The auction ended but they usually end around the $500 mark if it shows up on eBay. Lastly if you’re a Zelda fan you might be interested in getting the Goddess of Wisdom cart. It’s fan made but of course the closest thing we have to another Link to the Past. It’s at $150 and climbing… might place a bid. Keep in mind it’s unofficial, just fan made.

Video Game Auctions:

KillZone: LIFE-SIZE Rare Helghast Statue

Nintendo gameboy brand new factory sealed tetris edition

Super Mario Kart Plush doll 9pcs Takara Prize Japan

Super Mario World Plush Set Complete With Castle

Nintendo World Championships Grey Cart


Okami Amaterasu e-Capcom Official Capcom (Submitted by Dragoony)

The Legend of Zelda Goddess of Wisdom

SquareSoft RARE PROMO Collection VGA Final Fantasy Chrono Parasite Eve

Final Fantasy III VGA Sealed 85

Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia Photo SIGNED BY KOJI IGARASHI

Diablo III 3 Game Collector’s Edition Autographed by Diablo III Team

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