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Novum Initium Album Signed by 20 Composers (Limited 20)

To bring in donations for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, Sam Hulick gathered together a large group of video game music composers to create an album available for download. All proceeds from the sales went to benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund which helps to support career musicians during times of need. Along with the download being available to all, there was also a very limited release of 20 physical copies on CD with an insert signed by 20 of the composers featured.

Novum Initium Signed

You may not recognize every name but you will recognize the titles they worked on: Mass Effect, Modern Warfare 3, Dead Space, MAG, Dragon Age, The Lord of the Rings War in the North, the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary, Army of Two, World of Warcraft, Prince of Persia, BioShock, Doom 3, Shift 2, God of War, Star Wars the Old Republic, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine, Medal of Honor European Assault, Red Faction Guerrilla, and Myst III.

Quite a line-up of talent to pack into one album…

Here’s a sampler of the tracks on the disc.

Novum Initium CD Signed by 20 Composers – The seller of this album is also donating %10 to the same charity the original sale supported. You can also download the album here:

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  • Joseph
    Jun 05, 2012

    Thanks for featuring my auction Akira! The tracks are absolutely amazing, and the signatures are beautiful :). Sadly, this album is not getting the recognition it deserves.

  • Akira
    Jun 05, 2012

    Looks like it sold pretty quick 😉

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