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Official Donkey Kong Wall Decal, Another Sonic the Hedgehog Wine Glass and More

Where are all the DK fans out there? Well, I actually know someone who went completely crazy for Donkey Kong. Yeah….he stayed up all night playing Donkey Kong on his regular Nintendo, would go to clubs and jump around like Mario does in the game, and he even once threaten to fight a guy if the guy didn’t sell him a Donkey Kong original arcade machine! I guess these are all characteristics of a gamer :)…….. Ok I’m blabbing now

Donkey Kong Wall Stickers

But this is pretty cool. It’s official too which makes it a really nice buy. However, the price might discourage you. Despite the price, the decals are removable and also reusable! So it’s not like one time buy/use. The Donkey Kong 8-bit decals are made by blik Re-Stik™.

Click here for Blik Wall Graphics: Nintendo: Donkey Kong

Other Auctions:

Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass – What happens when you don’t have the original box, and signatures of the creators? You save $913! The other Sonic Wine Glass I featured weeks ago sold for $992! Currently this ones only at $79.99. I dunno….every time I look at this auction I’m becoming more curious about this item. Would really look nice on display…

Inflatables anyone? Bioware Dragon Age 2 inflatable swords here and Halo Reach Inflatable Energy Sword

Alan Wake Faux Book Case – Nice collectors item for Alan Wake.
Nintendo Game & Watch Mickey Mouse Pocketsize Boxed – rare mickey mouse game & watch
1983 King’s Quest IBM Plastic Case
Nintendo 64 Wallet

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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