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Official Dragon Quest Sword of Roto

Looks like more rare video game auctions are coming our way. Up on eBay right now is this Official ENIX Dragon Quest Sword of Roto! For those who don’t know, he Sword of Roto is a powerful sword for the legendary hero in the Dragon Quest games. It’s used to slay slime, skeletons, sacksquatch, spirits, souls, monsters, witches, dragons and whatever else you can find in the game!

Check out this clip & forward to 7:50 :

This is a really cool collectible for Dragon Quest fans. It was made by ENIX (not Square-Enix) in 1991 and the sword is indeed made out of metal. It is beautifully shown in it’s presentation box with the official labels on the side. It’s not life size though (only 1/6 scale). I doubt you’ll find this popping up anytime soon, even on YJA.

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