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Official inFamous 2 Amp Sweepstakes Prize from IGN Contest

If you ever feel down because you didn’t win the grand prize from some video game contest don’t worry, they always pop up on eBay like this inFamous 2 Amp Sweepstakes Prize from the IGN Contest. For those who never played the game, the inFAMOUS wikia says: “The Amp is a melee weapon built and designed by Zeke Dunbar, made especially for his best friend Cole MacGrath to channel his powers into it, thereby creating a much more efficient way of taking down enemies. ” (god I love open source).

Basically you get the authentic inFamous 2 AMP and 2 Cole Statues. Best part is that you get a copy of the prize letter so if you ever want to sell this down the road the letter will only add value. They should do sweepstakes like this with more games!

IGN Official inFAMOUS 2 Sweepstakes Page

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