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Official Maniac Mansion Poster, Curse of Monkey Island Standee and The Dig Hat

Here’s some quick auctions to post. I cannot stress how rare is it to find promotional stuff from LucasArts. The fact that this seller has an original Maniac Mansion Poster is simply unheard of.  I’ve only seen two other posters pop up on eBay since I registered on the site which was ages ago.

Not only does the seller have the poster for sale, he has a bunch of other rare LucasArts memorabilia! I picked out my favorites which are probably the popular ones. I can’t stress how hard it is to find these articles:

Full Throttle Hanging Advertisement
Curse of Monkey Island Standee
The Dig Hat

He has a bunch of other promo stuff so you might want to click here to check all of them out.

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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  • munstrhuntr
    Jan 12, 2012

    is the mm poster still for sale??

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