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Official Mega Man Re-Stik Wall Graphics

I thought I’d throw a reminder that On Dec.10th, Capcom Unity will be selling these really cool Mega Man Wall Decals up on there site. But you are able to preorder them here. They are obviously official if you are buying them through Capcom, and they come with 25 decals! Produced by Blik Re-Stik, makers of other Video Game Wall Decals such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros., these Mega Man decals will definitely be popular among Mega Man fans. You get 1 jumping Mega Man, 1 Full Power Bar, 7 Bosses, 6 Elemental Levels, and 10 Power Fires. Just check out the pics below on the presentation and see how awesome this would look in your room.

These are not limited, but you never know how many are made available. Capcom’s store is notorious for selling out fast, so there’s no guarentee Capcom will produce more of these! I remember when Capcom announced that only 200 copies of the Mega Man 9 Press Kit would be available via their site. Within 3 minutes all press kits were sold out, however, they were nice enough to produce more for those who missed out.

I found better quality images below from the source, whatisblik. I can just see it now, someone placing an order of 10 sets and selling them on ebay for $200 😐  . Get yours while the price is still fair.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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