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Official Sega Dreamcast Coffee Mug, Elder Scrolls Online 30 Coins, Import Final Fantasy Games

It’s not often you come across Dreamcast promos so I listed a couple as the first two today. There are also some import versions of the first few Final Fantasy games. The WonderSwan versions are worth checking out because they were pretty advanced at the time in terms of graphics. The other side of the appeal to those auctions would be for the collectors who go after everything related to something no matter what it is or where it came from. How about a massive Squaresoft only collection?

Official Sega Dreamcast Coffee Mug

Official Sega Dreamcast Swim Kit

Starfox Adventures Banner

Coca-Cola Game Gear Loose

The Last of Us Promo Ellie E3 T-Shirt Signed by Developers and Voice Cast

The Last of Us Promo Employee Polo

WonderSwan Color (Blue) Console with 5 Games and Carrying Case

Borderlands 2 Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest

Game Boy Micro Final Fantasy IV Advance Bundle

Final Fantasy I & II Famicom Cart Complete

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Dragonborn Felt Helmet

Earthbound For Display Only SNES Game Box

Elder Scrolls Online PAX East 2013 Exclusive 30 Coins and 1 Large T-Shirt

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1 Comment

    Jul 05, 2013

    I have an Earthbound “For Display Only” box. I’ll be watching closely, since I got mine cheap as part of a big lot of display boxes a few years ago.

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