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Official Shenmue Ryo’s Timex Watch for Sale

I can image that there aren’t many hardcore Shenmue fans out there as this game is in the “oldies” categories but nonetheless you can still find incredibly rare collectibles from the game. Speaking of which, this Official Shenmue Ryo’s Timex Watch which is on auction right now. Although you might be surprised by the high price of 600 EURO I assure you that this is just about right.

Problem is, how many hardcore Shenmue fans are left that are willing to pay that much? I mean, these watches do fetch 60,000 YEN on Yahoo Japan Auction, and even the retail price was around $400 US! So This is an incredibly rare item to find. As the seller mentioned less than 200 of the watches were made. Reason why this watch was limited was simply because Timex created the watch to look exactly the same as what Ryo wears in the game, well, except for the “Shenmue” logo on the watch. Don’t get this watch mixed up with the cheaper model that was also released by Timex. The cheaper model doesn’t have a box, but only a plastic holder for presentation as well as having an indigo light with a cheap strap. We’ve featured that watch on VGA before and it only fetched around the $60.

Thanks to **Small Prince for the submission!

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