Official Starfox 3-D Cardboard Arwing Display, Digital Pictures Hat, Mega Man 9 Press Kit and More!

This is an Xbox Original Kiosk that you would play with in a store as a kid, ahhh the childhood.
The base is steel, 2 bulbs need replaced really easy fix as the plastic is what gives off the green pigment so you don’t need to find a certain type of bulb. Does come with original TV! Works great, doesn’t come with xbox…..it flew off the back off my truck lol.
If you want to arrange a pick up via uShip.com your doing that all on your own lol.
However if your local you can stop by and pick it up.
It’s very heavy, has wheels but trust me still a pain to move.
If someone buys it for the price I’m asking I’ll throw in the xbox 360 neon sign that I won back in 05!
Thanks David!

Original Xbox Store Game Display Kisok

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Good luck!

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