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$502 for an Official Super Metroid Soundtrack on Yahoo

Sellers that over price their auctions do not reside only in N.America, they can live anywhere. We just have the tendency to assume this way since all of the searches are done in on dot com sites. The topic is highly subjective and everyone has their own opinion but when it boils down to it, video game collectors are very knowledgeable, aware, and insightful of items that they are particularly interested in.

If you see two of the same items but one is $200 more than the other, this is the discrepancy I’m taking about in the prices. In the end it’s the seller’s decision on how he wants to present what he’s selling, and he can decide on the price to sell the item at. But these sellers tend to forget that buyers are not that gullible and will research the item to see if it’s worth the big bucks :).

Super Metroid Soundtrack

I mention this because of this Super Metroid Original Soundtrack that’s on Yahoo Japan. You might notice that the seller’s selling the Link to the Past soundtrack as well so why am I focused on only the Metroid? Well, if you translate the description you’ll see that the seller already separated the price on what he thinks each CD is worth, and then he combined them into one auction.

For the LTTP soundtrack he estimates it to be 18000 JPY = $217.41 USD, and the Super Metroid soundtrack to be 41,660 JPY = $502.81 USD. So in order to purchase this set you’ll need a total of $720.22 in your bank account, and the added fee’s from your deputy service is not even included. Whats different about this CD compared to the other similar SM soundtracks on Yahoo? This one has the original “plastic” with sticker that came with the CD(not sealed btw). I highly doubt this will lure buyers in just because of the outer plastic layer.

Most video game collectors who are aware of YJA and use it frequently won’t be surprised with some of the high price tags that they stumble upon, but generally you can find what you are interested in for a lot cheaper over there. I thought I’d share this one particular auction because no soundtrack is worth $502 dollars, unless of course it has Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano’s autographs on it 😉

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