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Old Australian Nintendo Commercials

I thought I’d change the post up today to mention these old HES Nintendo Commercials. I’m posting them because this is the first time HES commercials have surfaced on Youtube and I thought it would be neat for everyone to see Nintendo commercials from another part of the world; that being Australia.

I just love old video game commercials because they bring us back to when we we’re young. These commercials always had the same characteristics; the rad hair style, the vintage game room, the overly excited gamer playing in front of the TV. Although most of you might not be familiar with the HES commercials, they are still a blast to watch. This particular video is for the game “Chiller”. If you would like to see a review about the game, Pat the NES Punk did a great review for the game found here. Check out the struggle with the spider’s web 🙂

You can see this video, and many other Nintendo commercials at Skylersz’s Youtube Channel. He just uploaded them and gave me a shout. Thanks **Skylersz! There is about 5 other videos up there including a rare HES Club Video. Check the channel for more updates.

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