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On Gaming with James Rolfe

Last Update February 18th, 2017  James is hard at work in production of the Angry Video Game Nerd movie, but he managed to put some time aside for VGA to do an interview on gaming. For many, James Rolfe simply does not need an introduction. But, for those who may not have seen any of the AVGN videos or any of the other great stuff from Cinemassacre, here’s a small taste of what you can find from The Nerd.

On gaming with James Rolfe…

Video Game Auctions:  Out of all of the games played in the Angry Video Game Nerd videos, which would you say was the most fun to play?

James Rolfe: Tough to decide. I guess Mario 3 because it’s one of the greatest NES classics and also made for a fun episode.

VGA: What were your earliest and most memorable gaming experiences that locked you in as a gamer for years to come?

JR: My earliest memories were playing the Odyssey 2 and Atari 2600. Then, the NES came along. From there on out, I used to play all the time; all the way through the SNES/Sega Genesis era… Great memories. I still have a memory of playing Super Mario Bros 2 on NES while listening to Guns N’ Roses. How’s that for an 80’s memory?!

VGA: The controller design for each console tends to be significantly different with each new generation. Which do you find most comfortable and which had the poorest design?

JR: I liked the curvy nature of the SNES controller when it came out. That was the first time I thought to myself, “damn this controller’s good”. The worst controller is hard to decide, off the top of my head. Any of the CDI controllers are pretty bad. They aren’t very responsive. The old Intellivision and Colecovision controllers are very awkward to use too.

VGA: Are there any lesser known games, past or present, which you feel people should give a try?

JR: Hmm, I’m sure there’s a bunch. Nosferatu on SNES is a creepy horror game. The controls have some learning curve, but it’s an interesting game nevertheless. Besides, a guy punching monsters in the face is hilarious!

Nosferatu punch
VGA: There has been a return of great Nintendo games with new installments on the Wii such as Punch-Out, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and New Super Mario Bros. Are there any other titles from the NES days you would like to see come back on the Wii?

JR: LJN’s Greatest Hits

VGA: In your opinion, what is the best game in the Legend of Zelda series and what makes it stand out from the rest for you?

JR: My favorite is Link to the Past. It was innovative for its time. The story is great. Loved the music. Everything. Just messing around is fun. Throwing bushes, breaking into people’s homes and destroying all their pottery, tossing chickens, dashing into walls. Good stuff.

VGA: What would you say is the best game based on a movie as far as gameplay goes?

JR: Certainly not Ghostbusters. I’m actually racking my brain trying to think… I’m sure there’s a good one, but can’t remember.

VGA: More information on the Wii U is still to come but, what are your thoughts on Nintendo’s next console so far?

JR: I hope I at least have the chance to play it. I saw the E3 announcement last year. It looked like the controller could be either good or bad. Until I give it a chance, I’m not sure.

Everyone at VGA would like to thank James for this interview. James recently reached over $300,000 in donations to fund the AVGN movie and is putting that money to good use right now. The fact that he put time aside for an interview while working on the biggest project he has ever taken on is a true testament of his character and his connection to the fans.

If you haven’t already, please check out for the AVGN videos and other great stuff such as Board James, Mike’s Game Glitches, the Over Analyzers, and plenty more.

James playing Super Pitfall

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  • Kenji
    Feb 11, 2012

    Cool interview, and yes it is impressive James even had time to do the interview given the fact he’s ultra busy with his massive film project. Good stuff!

  • MortalMonday
    Feb 11, 2012

    Holy cow! Awesome! Great interview!

  • vic
    Feb 12, 2012

    Rolfe is boss as usual 😀

  • LazarheaD
    Feb 12, 2012

    James is awesome. He tries to give to the fans his best. Hope the movie goes well.

  • locoma
    Feb 12, 2012

    Nice little interview, really fun to read, and thanks for linking to the video

  • Dana
    Feb 13, 2012

    Didn’t even know about VGA before i was linked here by cinemassacre. Gonna have to check it out. I hope to run in to James now that hes in l.a. I normally leave celebs alone but I’m gonna have to talk to him if i see him.

  • Bobby
    Feb 13, 2012

    James Rolfe and Video Game Auctions are both awesome!

  • Nerdy Fan
    Feb 13, 2012

    I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MARRY ME!!!!!!

  • Nerdy Fan
    Feb 13, 2012

    MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bakara
    Feb 13, 2012

    thanks for the cute little interview. is james part of vga?

  • Akira
    Feb 13, 2012

    Bakara – James isn’t part of VGA in the sense of working on the site directly. He did us a favor with this interview. 😉

    This is actually our 9th interview so far and there are more coming. You can find them all here:

  • TexasChamp
    Feb 13, 2012

    James is already married Nerdy.

  • gaga26
    Feb 13, 2012

    James if you’re reading this I want to thank you for bringing me back to my young video game days. Watching your episodes really gives me good memories and the memory of you playing SMB2 while listening to guns n roses can be shared. I would always listen to the radio while playing the old nintendo system. I respect everything you do and I can’t wait to see your new movie. Never change James as we all love you the way you are now. Super Geeks unite!

  • TheJuice401
    Feb 14, 2012

    epic interview man

  • allen
    Feb 14, 2012

    great interview!

  • Jonathan
    Feb 14, 2012

    You guys had a great line-up in interviews in your on gaming section, but adding James to the bunch just makes it sweet :p

  • gregory
    Feb 15, 2012

    cool site yohave here. never heard of vga before

  • nortelhax
    Feb 16, 2012


  • Joseph
    Feb 17, 2012

    Now throngs of people are visiting the site because of this interview. AVGN must be famous :). I’ll try and get Todd Howard next 😆

  • Akira
    Feb 17, 2012

    Hey Joseph, always nice to see you checking in. I know you’re semi-joking but an interview with Todd would be very interesting if asking beyond existing titles but I don’t think he would give up very much. Developers favorite quote is “no comment”. 😛

  • Joseph
    Feb 18, 2012

    Well, I was actually a little serious, if I could indeed interview him, I would :). But first, I really need to know how to use the site, I’ve been lazy in that matter :/

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