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One Seller – Plenty of Rare Nintendo Collectibles

I wasn’t going to make a post today but I always like to give my readers some benefit of coming to this site, and that’s finding great collectibles at great prices.

Ebay seller mcetak8 has put up a bunch of great Nintendo collectibles, predominantly vintage Super Mario goodies! He has a lot of collector pins, a bunch of Super Mario wallpapers, vintage stickers and a Nintendo Powerplay Saturday necklace! I’ll post the items that caught my attention but believe me, you should scroll through his stuff because he listed most of his collectibles, if not all at great prices.

Nintendo Auctions:

Nintendo Cassette Boy Brand New(Grey Version) – Item’s from 1993
Pack of Nintendo Trading Card Treats 1991 – Inside are 24 packs containing 3 cards each.
Nintendo Punch Embroidery Booklets – There are 33 Patterns inside!
Super Mario Christmas Cards – They have the SMB2 theme.
Mattel Nintendo Power Glove Promo Reel – It’s from 1990, and in excellent condition. I don’t know how many of you have reel to reel players, but this would be pretty neat to watch on one of those.
Mario AM Radio with Earphones
1981 Vintage Donkey Kong Candy Maze – Don’t eat these please
Mario & Luigi Band Aids Sealed – There’s 25 band aids inside.
Blades of Steel Hand held Video Game Sealed! – Common… neat is this thing!?!
Super Secrets Mario Sweater XL – There’s a best-offer up
Star Fox Nintendo Airship Model & Instructions

Did I mention that shipping’s for free???
However, the seller only ships within the US. No international shipping :cry:. If you’re living outside the US, it wouldn’t hurt to email him if you really want some of his stuff.

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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