Chrono Trigger Everything Factory Sealed Intellivision Metal Gear Solid Press Kit Super Nintendo (SNES)

Operation Thunderbolt SNES Sealed, Virtual Boy Pin, Chrono Trigger Formation Arts and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. Today’s post has some pretty rare games most notably Operation Thunderbolt. I didn’t post too many auctions but these are the ones that stood out from my search. I even added Spiker Volleyball for the Intellivision which is mint and complete. Pretty cool stuff there so have a look and post a comment in the comment section if you have any thoughts. Enjoy!

Video Game Auctions:

Super Turrican 2 – This is considered rare as well, nothing close to Operation Thunderbolt but a decent title. The game play is awesome and so is the music. This one is on auction.

Chrono Trigger Formation Arts – This set is awesome. I remember seeing the first appearance of these on I bought these for around $60 and it`s so cool to have in your collection if you`re a Chrono Trigger fan. Right now there is a sealed box on eBay. It`s on auction and at $52 with 6 days left.

Operation Thunderbolt Sealed VGA РPretty rare, I don`t think I`ve seen this sealed before, maybe because I don`t actively search it but it is a rare title. Check out the game play here. It`s currently at $12500 or best offer. So far one offer  and I don`t think it will be sold anytime soon.

Rare 100% new Metal Gear Solid 3 Beams Shirt Full Set – Rare Metal Gear Solid 3 box Set, extremely limited and it`s complete with shirt. BIN price is $650.

SPIKER SUPER PRO VOLLEYBALL INTELLIVISION – An extremely rare Intellivision title and it comes complete. This is going on auction right now for $576 with 1 day left. I`m curious as to how much this will end at.

Nintendo Virtual Boy Lapel Pin E3 – Original e3 Virtual Boy pin, wow it`s so pricey but I haven`t seen this in ages. I think I`ve seen it once on ebay before when I was doing searches… oh wait, I did see one on ebay click here.

World Of Nintendo 1989 Store Sign Display – This is just so cool. Take a look at the pictures in the auctions, scroll down to the in-store Nintendo inventory and stock. It`s amazing how it instantly brings you back to a kid who`s drooling over this stuff. Currently on auction at $170.

RESIDENT EVIL ARCHIVES BOOK – From brady games the price is about right at $99. This is like the Resident Evil Bible with details about everything, characters, maps, weapons and so on.

Color A Dinosaur COMPLETE-Nintendo – This is complete but with some wear. A tear in the manual and the box has some wear as well.

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