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Orginal Atari Missile Command Painting Concept Art, 1970 Sega Jumbo Arcade Machine

Let’s take a moment to step into the heavy-duty collectibles today. I’m talking about one of a kind items from vintage gaming history. Up on auction is a piece of original art for the promotion of Missile Command by Atari. The painting was made in 1980 and was signed by the artist, Brad Chaboya. The seller acquired this from Atari when they closed their Milpitas facility. The design was used in posters, t-shirts, and other promo items.

Orginal Atari Missile Command Painting Concept Art

Orginal Atari Missile Command Painting Concept Art

I’ve seen this design used on a Halloween costume but haven’t been able to track one down on eBay. It’s one of those meaningless plastic costumes with the logo on the chest and a mask is included in the box. Still, not being able to find one makes me want one. 😛

A few more for today…

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1970 Sega Jumbo Arcade Machine – Check out this thing. Never in my life have I ever seen an arcade machine this crazy. The seller mentions only 4 are known to exist.

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