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Original Color Dreams Nintendo Source Code Floppy Disks, Hyrule Scarf, Telltales Walking Dead Hat and More!

Pretty crazy auctions up on ebay now for Color Dreams source codes. Wikipedia says Color Dreams was a company that developed video games for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). While most companies that developed NES games obtained an official license from Nintendo to produce game cartridges, Color Dreams was unusual in that it developed NES games without an official license. To produce these unlicensed games, Color Dreams had to bypass the NES’s “lock out” chip (the 10NES). The company successfully bypassed the system, developed a game (Baby Boomer), and released it in 1989. Several other titles followed in 1989 and 1990, including Captain Comic, Crystal Mines, and Robodemons. Here’s the description for Robo Demons. All other auctions are listed below:

“You are looking at an incredible find! This is the ORIGINAL 3.5” Floppy Disc that includes the Source Code for the Nintendo NES Color Dreams game Robo Demons. This was acquired directly from the current owner of Wisdom Tree/Color Dreams. Included is a signed document proving it’s authenticity (Wisdom Tree Folder is not included). This has been tested to function and still includes all of the original data on it! The data MAY or MAY NOT be for the final version of the game. This is an amazing “One Of A Kind” item, you will NOT find another Robo Demons source code disc!”

Original Robo Demons Source Code Floppy Disk 3.5″ Color Dreams NES Robodemons
Original Moon Ranger Source Code Floppy Disk 3.5″ Color Dreams NES 11/2/90
Original Baby Boomer Source Code Floppy Disk 3.5″ Color Dreams NES 11/14/89
Original Operation Secret Storm Source Code Floppy Disk 3.5″ Color Dreams NES
Original Pesterminator Source Code Floppy Disk 3.5″ Color Dreams NES 5/30/90
Original Raid 2020 Source Code Floppy Disk 3.5″ Color Dreams NES Nintendo
Original Crystal Mines Source Code Floppy Disk 3.5″ Color Dreams NES Nintendo

Seller has more so you can just check out his ebay listings.

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Good luck!

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