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Original Donkey Kong Cereal TV Commercial Animation Cels, Virtual Boy Space Invaders, Vintage Pac-Man Accessories

The first auctions up for today are going for amazing prices. True, Jumpman (Mario) isn’t included in the cels and you can’t see DK’s face, but still… they’re one of a kind. They are both quick and easy buys and the shipping cost can of course be applied to the two of them shipping together.

DK cels

Donkey Kong Animation Cel #1 – Donkey Kong Animation Cel #2

Here’s the commercial the cels were used in! If you watch close, you can see the two cels pass by.

Here are some more auctions for today…

Space Invaders: Virtual Collection – One of the rarest Virtual Boy games made. Bids are stacking up already and there are still 5 days left. The reserve hasn’t been met yet however. It could be around $175 or $200.

Resident Evil Code Veronica Limited Dreamcast (#009/200) – VGA has listed this limited Dreamcast before, but if you missed it, check it out. It’s a valuable collectible, but the sellers price is way too high. They are taking offers though.

Biohazard 5th Anniversary Zippo – Another Resident Evil collectible which is priced very high. The price has been reduced a bit for the time being.

Here are a few Pac-Man related items.

Pac-Man Salt & Pepper Shakers – These are pretty cool and the price is decent.

Pac-Man Pin – The seller actually has a few of these pins all complete with the original card.

Pac-Man Necklace – From the same seller as the pins above, there are a few necklaces available.

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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